Using Good Memories

I consider myself a very reasonable, pleasant soul, but if I am angry - - well, basically, anger gives me no chance. Sometimes. The strength of anger is always in its impact, and when it hits me suddenly, my sensible self has no chance. I lash out, hurting near and dear.

My 'trick' is to change it. Instead of anger, I try to think of something positive or funny about what is making me angry. Love will take over and take care of everything. Right?

I am a powerful person, so I will not let silly things, people or circumstances provoke me. Little by little, I will laugh at all these provocations. I am as big as what I'm angry at or about. I've learned in all my years that I have grown to be an unshakeable person and I refuse to be shaken by teeny weeny things!  However, I do get angry about very important issues, and that's fine, because that is productive anger!

Some people hold onto their anger so tightly, stoking the fires on a daily basis. Their rage takes over their entire lives, coloring and informing all their thoughts and actions. They weigh every action to see how much emotional harm it will inflict on others. Even simply being a complete nuisance. They don't see the injuries they may be inflicting on innocent victims.

So how do I cope with all this new and intense anger flung my way? The key for me was to understand its roots, and to find a constructive way to express the hurt and disappointment I was feeling. Anger can be a healthy and positive tool, but if it is used destructively, all that happens is people get scared and are alienated.

I learned a number of things this week in that I am a lot stronger than I thought I was.

I stand up for what I believe in.

My husband truly loves me and is completely devoted to me. I did have some doubts, but I no longer do.  His loyalty lies completely on my side, where it should be, he is firmly by my side and I by his. We are stronger together today because of this.

I own up to what I write and I take full responsiblity. I may hurt people in the process, for which I fully apologized, but what I write is from my heart. It is how I feel, it is my raw emotion out on these pages.

I don't hold back.

As I have always said, I am honest to a fault, if you don't like what I write, don't visit here. It's that simple.

Forgive, let go, move on! Everyone have the power to make the choice to forgive and move on, or stay angry and remain stuck. I've moved on! Happily!