Transforming A Gloomy Day

Last week we were full of gloomy days filled with rain. While I am not complaining because my grass will be most thankful come steamy hot July here in Chicago, rainy days do not make for optimal photography days. It is spring and my children are gagging to get outdoors. Last Sunday after swimming lessons I decided regardless of the weather I was going to take the kiddos to the forest preserve for some much needed fresh air. It was an overcast day again and quite breezy, but I had my mind made up. I knew I would have poor light, but I also knew that a dark and gloomy day would be  a perfect opportunity to shoot some black and white photos.

I adore color photography, but I happen to love stunning black and white photography. The leafless trees in my area suddenly becomes a beautiful landscape. My daughters become gorgeous models.


But, of course, they look just as beautiful in color . . .