Top 8 Tips for Raging Waves WaterPark

Raging Waves WaterPark is Illinois' largest waterpark with 15 incredible attractions on 58 acres. You will be able to experience daring water adventures and moments of peaceful relaxation. You can spend a full day enjoying the park! Raging Waves features a wave pool, multiple kiddie areas, private cabanas, a quarter-mile long lazy river, and 26 water slides. Raging Waves WaterPark is located suburban Yorkville, on Route 47 – the fun and excitement are 45 minutes southwest of Chicago.


Should you go to Raging Waves Waterpark this summer? YES! The bigger question, though, are you prepared? Knowing what to expect ensures that your family has the most fun possible at Raging Waves Waterpark. 

Everything You Need to Know before Going to Raging Waves Water Park

The Top 8 Tips for Raging Waves WaterPark Tiaras & Tantrums

From the design, branding, and marketing, the creative folks at Raging Waves captured the Australian theme perfectly. Raging Waves Waterpark gives families and vacationers a lot to look forward to.

The Top 8 Tips for Raging Waves WaterPark Tiaras & Tantrums


The 26 DIFFERENT variety of slides at Raging Waves Waterpark accommodates families with all ranges of age and interests. Thrill seeker? Go on the body slides. Not into 70-foot drops going over 40 mph? Cyclone has you covered. You can enjoy a slow ride down the 1/4 mile lazy river. The Wonambi seemed to be everyone's favorite! Looking for the kiddie areas? There are several locations for all your little people. Lead your kiddos to the children's areas and let them play to to their hearts content. 

The Top 8 Tips for Raging Waves WaterPark Tiaras & Tantrums


Decide if your family is going to stay together as a group or if you’re going to split up. Pick your must-do’s ahead of time and get in line for those first thing in the morning. Ride your must-do slides first and work your way through all the slides your kids are tall enough to slide down. After that, re-slide all your favorites. By lunchtime, all the must-do slides will have longer wait times. Have a leisurely lunch and rest awhile, lounge down the lazy river, take a surf in the Great Barrier Reef and then head back out for more slide fun.

Here is an Insider Tip:  If you are having a difficult time locating an available inner tube to use for a ride down the river, consider using a life vest. The water park offers life jackets in a variety of sizes to use in the pools and rivers ~ for Free!

The Top 8 Tips for Raging Waves WaterPark Tiaras & Tantrums


You don’t have to worry about bringing life vests on this family outing to Raging Waves! Floaties and life vests are provided free at the waterpark. Life vests are encouraged for the little people who are not strong swimmers. 

Full List of Raging Waves Water Rides:

  • WONAMBI: 4 person multi-passenger tube ride 
  • KOOKABURRA KREEK: quarter-mile long lazy river with relaxing currents
  • CROCODILE MILE: 600-foot-long family raft ride 
  • PJ'S PLUMMET: high-thrill speed 72 ft slide at speeds topping 38mph
  • PLATYPUS PLUNGE:atomic 2-seater speed tube ride with speeds up to 40mph 
  • CYCLONE: Slide down super fast - then get "flushed" into a bowl 
  • BOOMERANG: Twist, turn and drop 40 ft, multi-passenger ride
  • TASMANIAN TWISTERS: enclosed serpentine body slides
  • THE THREE SISTERS: triple tube ride is 1,080 feet of tunnels and thrills
  • QUOKKA-NUT ISLAND** NEW in 2018: slides, play features, and FUN for the Lil’ Mates
  • KOALA KOVE: 4 slides and zero-depth entry - perfect for kids to splash around
  • WILD WALLABIES** NEW in 2018: 600 feet of twists & turns
  • KANGAROO FALLS: slides, water cannons, rope bridges, water hoses and a dumping bucket
  • GREAT BARRIER REEF: ginormous wave pool is 25,000 sq ft
  • BROCK'S GIANT SANDBOX: Giant sandbox
Top 8 Tips for Raging Waves WaterPark


If you have babies or children, there are THREE children’s areas: QUOKKA-NUT ISLAND **NEW THIS SUMMER**, KANGAROO FALLS and KOALA KOVE. These three spots are all great places to spend your day with your little people. Also, don't forget about BROCK'S GIANT SANDBOX! 

5 - FOOD

The Top 8 Tips for Raging Waves WaterPark Tiaras & Tantrums

Food is important, right?! Kids get super hungry running about and having fun. Luckily there are 12 different food locations within Raging Waves to snack or dine, featuring over 20 delicious menu items from water park favorites to Chicago favorite dishes. In addition to restaurants with a wide array of menu options for your family, Raging Waves offers traditional theme-park food. Mini Donut Sundae or Salted Caramel Stuffed Pretzels? Yes, please! Even the most picky eater in my family (my son) was able to find something to eat (His favorite pizza - Jet's!!).

The Top 8 Tips for Raging Waves WaterPark Tiaras & Tantrums

Full List of Restaurants:

  • Hungry Croc Restaurant
  • Surfside Subs
  • Shark Bite Restaurant
  • Joey’s Pizza
  • Dingo’s Frostee Treats
  • Ragin Dogs
  • Outback Snacks
  •  Ol Waterin Hole
  • Sydney Scoops
  • Mini Melts
  • Grandma’s Goodies

Raging Waves does not encourage outside food to be brought into the park, but you can bring bottled water and they do not allow glass bottles. You may not bring in outside coolers or backpacks! 



You can locate quite a bit of free seating throughout Raging Waves. I was able to locate great seats under an umbrella close to the wave pool and LOVED it. My best advise is the first thing you should do when you arrive at the the waterpark is locate enough seats for your family under an umbrella. If your family will be spending most of the time enjoying the slides, then there may be no need for a cabana. Wondering where you should claim a seat? 

Here are your seating options:

Free Seating:  NEW at the Great Barrier Reef Wave Pool for 2018: TEN new shade structures!  There are numerous NICE free loungers and chairs all over the park, which are first come, first serve, so ensure you arrive early enough to select loungers for your family. Be sure to  bring your own towels or blankets to reserve your spot while you are sliding and swimming. We did not have any issues with our items disappearing whilst we played.a Prices: FREE


Single Cabanas: Cabanas must be reserved online prior to the day of your visit. If you decide once you arrive at Raging Waves you would like a cabana, reservations are on a first-come basis. There are smaller cabanas available that hold up to 8 people – perfect for a small family or a couple of moms/dads visiting just with the kids. You can select from different locations for amazing views, convenience, ease, and accessibility, OR stand-alone cabanas that offer privacy for those that are in need. Prices: START AT $100.

Family Cabanas: The largest size cabana holds up to 14 people. This is the perfect size for multiple families, neighborhood block friends, scout troops or school groups, family reunions, or workplace events. Relax with your family and friends in a large, private stand-alone cabana. These large size cabanas afford the privacy, space, and accessibility that you want. Also includes cabana service. Prices: START AT $225.



Friday, July 27th – 12pm until 3pm


Friday, July 27th – 12pm until 3pm


Saturday, July 29th – All Day! 

Sunday, July 30th – All Day! 

Sunday, August 13th – All Day! 


Friday, July 20th – 1pm and 3pm

Friday, August 3rd – 1pm and 3pm 

Friday, August 9th – 1pm and 3pm


Saturday, July 28th - 1pm and 3pm

Friday, August 10th – 1pm and 3pm


July 22nd -  1pm and 3pm


Sunday, August 5th – 1pm and 3pm


Saturday, August 11th – 12pm until 4pm


Go early and stay late. The park is less crowded during the first hour of opening each day and for the last 2 hours. Arrive at the park as early as possible and be sure to quickly locate your seating. You will have the advantage of grabbing some of best free seats as well as getting to ride the more popular slides without a long wait time. There is a slide for everyone at Raging Waves Waterpark and the lazy river for everyone else that just wants to relax. 

Visit Raging Waves Waterpark for more information. 

Raging Waves Waterpark is open daily 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through to Labor day weekend.


Disclosure: No compensation has been received. My family has been provided with guest passes to enter and enjoy our time at the waterpark. My opinions are 100% my own.