Top 5 Reasons to Have Summer Fun at Raging Waves Waterpark

This past Saturday we visited Raging Waves Waterpark in the suburbs of Chicago in Yorkville. We had the most beautiful day as the sun was shining and it was not too terribly steaming hot and it could not have been a more perfect day.

Raging Waves Waterpark is located just 45 minutes from Chicago. This location is close enough for anyone visiting our amazing city to take a day trip out to the suburbs and enjoy a day of summer fun! If you need a day of FAMILY SUMMER FUN, head to the largest water park in Illinois!

Top 5 Reason to Have Summer Fun at Raging Waves Waterpark

We didn't arrive too early, but the park does open at 10 AM every morning during the summer months. The parking lot was full which made us think the park would be packed. Raging Waves was packed, but we never even noticed!

Here are the five reasons to have fun at Raging Waves Waterpark this summer.

1) There’s something for everyone and everything is all in one place.

There are over 20 water slides and various other activities that kept the entire park from seeming super crowded, including a ¼ mile long lazy river. We didn't rent a cabana as we had no plans of sitting and relaxing. We were looking for summer fun in the form of action and slides! We put our bags down near Brock's Giant Sandbox, where there are plenty of chairs. Then everyone headed off in different directions. I didn't see my daughters again for two whole hours as they were off with my husband in one direction and my son and I were in another.

The only thing that brought us all back together is the fact that we were all hungry. Yo! Having fun makes you hungry!

Top 5 Reason to Have Summer Fun at Raging Waves Waterpark

2) Slides and MORE

We were all able to experience the Cyclone, The Boomerang, the Platypus Plunge, the Tasmanian Twisters, the PJ’s Plummet, the Koala Kove, and my kid's favorite, the Great Barrier Reef Wave Pool. There is also a new slide called the Wonambi that immediately became our family's favorite slide of the day! You can also enjoy the The Three Sisters, Kangaroo Falls and relax on the Kookaburra Kreek Lazy River.

Top 5 Reason to Have Summer Fun at Raging Waves Waterpark
Top 5 Reason to Have Summer Fun at Raging Waves Waterpark
Top 5 Reason to Have Summer Fun at Raging Waves Waterpark

3) Food

Grab all the snacks, drinks and lunch you need at one of the various spots scattered throughout Raging Waves. My son noticed as soon as we were walking in that Raging Waves has Jet's Pizza - which is his favorite pizza, so he was super happy to eat his fill in pizza!

Raging Waves has all these food locations: Hungry Croc Restaurant, Surfside Subs, Shark Bite Restaurant, Dingo’s Frostee Treats, Ragin Dogs, Outback Snacks,  Ol Waterin Hole, Sydney Scoops, Mini Melts, Grandma’s Goodies, and our favorite -- Joey’s Pizza. You will not be disappointed in the options available to you for food, treats, snacks and drinks. There is something for everyone. 

Top 5 Reason to Have Summer Fun at Raging Waves Waterpark
Top 5 Reason to Have Summer Fun at Raging Waves Waterpark

4) Cabanas Available

There are also a variety of cabanas available to rent if you are hosting a birthday party or celebrating an anniversary or if you simply would like a bit of privacy. These luxury cabanas are available to reserve online the day before your visit or you can purchase once you arrive. The types of cabanas available are the Koala Cabanas and Surfside Cabanas for up to 8 persons. The upHIGHa Hut, an elevated hut, which looked amazing, is available for larger groups, up to 14 persons and includes wait service. King Cabanas and Queen Cabanas are also available. King and Queen Cabanas also include wait service, a small fridge and snacks.

5) Summer Fun Special Events

During the summer, Raging Waves hosts numerous summer fun special events for all their guests to enjoy. Here is the list of all the remaining scheduled summer fun days.

DJ Jamz Dance Party

Wednesday, July 26th – 1pm and 3pm 

Wednesday, August 2nd – 1pm and 3pm 

Wednesday, August 9th – 1pm and 3pm

Mascot Day

Friday, July 28th – 12pm until 3pm

Chicago Herpetological Society

Saturday, July 29th – All Day! 

Sunday, July 30th – All Day! 

Sunday, August 13th – All Day! 

Jim Nesci’s Cold Blooded Creatures

Thursday, August 3rd – 1pm and 3pm

Thursday, August 10th – 1pm and 3pm 

Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team

Saturday, August 5th – 1pm and 3pm

Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary

Sunday, August 6th – 1pm and 3pm

Princess Party

Friday, August 11th – 12pm until 4pm

Top 5 Reason to Have Summer Fun at Raging Waves Waterpark

Everyone in my family had a great time at Raging Waves Waterpark. The best part is that everyone is tired after a day of summer fun in the sun. My kids always sleep so good after a day at Raging Waves. I love to watch my kids having a great time screaming down the slides, laughing as a huge bucket of water is dumped on their heads and basically just having a great time making family memories.

Top 5 Reason to Have Summer Fun at Raging Waves Waterpark

A great day of watery summer fun!

There is always plenty of free parking. But priority parking is available for an additional fee. You can enjoy a family picnic outdoors in the parking area as there are plenty of picnic tables and trees for shade. You are allowed to bring bottle water, but not any additional food, snacks or drinks. But don't worry, there are plenty of spots to grab those items as I indicted earlier.

Top 5 Reason to Have Summer Fun at Raging Waves Waterpark

Visit Raging Waves Waterpark for more information. 

Raging Waves Waterpark is open daily 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through to Labor day weekend.

Do you know someone who needs to visit a water park?

Disclosure: No compensation has been received. My family has been provided with guest passes to enter and enjoy our time at the waterpark. My opinions are 100% my own.