Spring is in the Air

I have been home almost a week from vacation and fully integrated back into our schedule. I think the jetlag is over as it usually takes about a week or so. We arrived home and jumped right into the swing of things. Easter was the very next next day and certainly did not feel like Easter to us at in in the sense of bunnies and chocolate and such. Our minds were all still full of Europe and waffles on the street and Belguim chocolates.

My son has decided that as soon as he is able he is jumping the pond and moving to England. he really {really} loved England and was so sad to leave Europe after two weeks. I can't even tell you how fast those two weeks went. In.A.Blink! Really, we needed about one more full week there to fully explore. We will go back and soon.

I have not even put a dent in the nearly 5000 photos I took. I feel like I didn't take any photos either as I am shifting through them. There was just so much to see and take in that sometimes I would forgot to take photos because we were all having such a great time.

Spring is finally in the air here in Chicago and my children couldn't be happier. They are spending hours outdoors as soon as school is compelte for the day. I'm not loving the mud they keep dragging in, but their rosy cheeks make me happy.