A couple of weeks ago I took the children to  The Wild West Town in our area.  There are so many activities at The Wild West Town to keep all ages busy. My children LOVE going here. There is train rides, pony rides, roller coaster rides (oh my aching back), kid powered handcars, canoe rides, cowboy roping lessons, sling shot and bow and arrow stations . . . the children even get to pan for gold! But the highlight of the day is the cowboy shows, of which there are three. (we spend the entire day here)

We were waiting in our seats for the first show to begin and the 'cowboys' were sitting on the fence waiting for the arena to fill up before they began their rootin tootin shootin foolin shootin tootin great time! I decided to sneak off a photo of one of the cowboys  . . . 

 . . . and he shouted out for all to hear "did you just take a phot of me?" I sheepishly replied, "yes, I did" and he shouts "and with a Canon - A Canon!" Yes, I use a Canon, and I do love my camera. And the cowboy was totally smirking!

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