She's Martha Stewart, Aussie-style. Sort of.


I first started reading Donna Hay during my stint in Beijing (my Aussie friend had one on her coffee table and English printed magazines were hard to come by there) and I have been hooked ever since. It is a fabulous magazine that presents good quality ingredients in fresh and simple recipes. Fantastic plating, beautiful pictures, and lots of good practical knowledge.



After discovering Donna Hay magazine last year (I almost did a cartwheel in the aisle) at my local Barnes + Noble bookstore, I can't think of anything else to talk about today except food. I want to cook and eat, cook and eat, cook and eat... And since it's getting colder here in the midwest, I just might be doing that for a few days.

Donna Hay is a well known Australian cook, food stylist, and author of several cookbooks, along with her cooking magazine (shown above). Donna is the Aussie "it" girl in cooking, and seems to be a household name in parts of Europe, too. Her food images are gorgeous, so perfectly arranged, yummy foods in dreamy colors, each bi-monthly issue is like stepping into the land of culinary perfection. Don't let the images scare you though, most of her recipes are (surprise!) easy.


Go ahead, spoil yourself on a $9.95 issue of Donna Hay. It's a delicious trip fantastic. The bi-monthly Donna Hay Magazine is for everyone who loves to cook and anyone who wants to try.