Random Tuesday Thoughts


My back yard is so muddy . . . if I have to clean the dog 12 times again today I am giving her away.

I am so sick of cleaning piss off the toilet everyday . . . why can't my son aim correctly?

I can't figure out why my husband monitors my emails, facebook and computer time. He will sit right beside me and read every word I type (and I completely lose my train of thought every time) if I am doing anything on the computer. It is really aggravating. If I don't let him, he thinks I am trying to hide something. It's called respect your boundaries dude!

I wish I had a maid to come to my house daily and make the beds, clean the toilets, vacuum up all the dog hair and slobber and wash my floors and do the laundry. Because I am really sick of doing it everyday!

My little brothers are 36 years old today (they are twins) . . . I wonder when they are going to act their age?

I need to get my nails done . . . I broke a nail last week and have been gluing it almost daily. In desperate need of a fill! I'd really like a pedicure while there but I know my husband will freak out if I am gone two hours.

My in-laws are snow bunnies in FL . . . if they ask me one more time to come down to their small 2-bedroom condo to visit and stay with them in their small 2-bedroom condo . . . with the 5 of us . . . I am going to scream bloody hell!

It is supposed to be 70 degrees outside today . . . I CAN'T WAIT!!!!