Random Tuesday Tantrums

Well, how was


weekend? Mine was so boring!

We really did nothing this weekend but home projects and spring cleaning. Oh and we finally bought a new kitchen table. I'm not sure if I will like it though. The table is counter top height . . . my hubbies choice. We shall see how many bruised heads I have in the house next week.

This past Thursday I had to run to Target quickly to purchase a pair of presentable pajamas for my daughter to wear to school the next day. Her class was celebrating the last day of school with a pajama party and we did not have any "pretty" pajamas hanging around. She was lounging around the house naked as the day she was born and I asked her to get her clothes back on and off we went. As I was browsing the pajamas in the children's clothing area, my daughter plopped herself up on a box that was on a low rack (my kids always play in those areas, frankly to make me look like a crazy mother I think). I glance up to make sure she is not getting into too much trouble and I see a clear view of her hoo-hah!

Yep, she was naked under her dress!! I quickly pulled her down and asked her where her panties were and what the heck was she doing going out of the house without them?

Her reply, of course, "I don't know". Off we march to the underwear section and on goes a new pair for dear pantie-less daughter. Next she states very loudly, "Why are you stealing underwear?"

Momma and daughter had a bit of a chat about the importance of wearing panties in public AND I truly hope I never have (to have) that discussion again anytime soon!

I didn't even cover the base of don't leave home without clean underwear on!

Every day when I drive down my street to my house I pass this retention pond that has become home to a pair of swans this spring. I see the momma swan sitting on her nest day in and day out. She never moves. I decided on Friday (late afternoon/early evening) that I would walk up there with the children and my camera and get some photos. The dog was begging to come with so I thought what the heck (she is stupid but she listens very well). We all walked down the bank to get a closer look at the swans and the next thing I know that male swan is marching . . . and I mean marching up out of the water with his wings spread. It was hilarious. I swear I almost peed my pants. My son was hilarious to watch and I can't believe I didn't think to bring the video camera with. My girls were so freaked out and screaming and crying and running back up to the sidewalk. My son was laughing and running back and forth to the swan. I swear he wanted to be chased! The dog, unbelievably, stayed right where I told her to!

I was telling my brother this, still laughing, and he told me how utterly stupid I am!

I still think it was hilarious and I so could have won $$ on AFV!

the baby was shaking so badly, the poor thing, and has been telling me for two days that she does not like swans.

After we returned and the kids ran through the sprinkler and had baths we were sitting around eating dessert and my husband found a tick crawling up his leg. Panic sets in and I call all the children for head checks.

Son, good . . . daughter, good, baby girl ~ EWWW ~ tick sucking away on her scalp!

I hate ticks . . . I don't think I can even describe in words how much I loathe them.

They creep me out beyond belief. I was ready to shave my head.

I have scratched my head so much that while I was washing it this morning . . . my scalp was burning!

I won't even let the children play outside until my husband sprays malathion down!

I have been getting into this terrible habit of late . . . I like to stay up late . . . like really late, into the wee hours of the morning. The only thing that has ever prompted me to go to bed was how early I had to rise to get my kids off to school. My daughters are now finished with school and my husband drives my son to school. So here I sit each night (well morning) until 2:00 Am (or later) happily editing photos, reading blogs, watching television, scrapbooking . . . really anything but going to bed like I should be. Really, really, bad habit that is going to turn into an even worse habit by next month. I need something to prompt me to go to bed at night . . . at least to bed at a decent hour.