Random Tuesday Tantrums

Baby girl attends school on two hours on Mondays. Yesterday she did not want to go, the week before she was okay to enter, but the week before that she did not want to go. She falls every time she is there. I don't know what is going on, but she will have this huge bruise on her leg AND they don't tell me. I have had to ask every single time. Yesterday the teacher called me to tell me that baby girl would not come out of the bathroom . . . AGAIN! This happened two weeks ago and she stayed in the bathroom waiting for me. The issue is that the light in the bathroom in her class is on a timer and shuts off on her. The first time I went into the bathroom to get her and she asked me for a flashlight. I felt so bad for her. I asked the teacher how long she was in there and she said "oh, about 20 minutes or so". WTH? This week they got her to come out and when I came in early to help her she was clinging to me and just kept asking me to go home. I don't know what the heck is going on in this class because this is so not like her to want to leave. She will cry when she can't go to preschool. I have already registered her for preschool for next year with the same school and teachers. I'm not so sure I want to send her there now. My husband says no way now, find another school, but I will lose the deposit. So frustrating. I know all the schools around here since this is my third child and there are not many good ones to pick from. The really good ones are entirely too expensive. Maybe I will just keep her home?



What one thing do you feel would make your life easier?


More Money?
Another Bathroom?
Better Job?

I think I have a short list. Of course, I would love to win the lottery and travel everywhere and not have a care in the world as to money. Who wouldn't? But I don't see that happening anytime soon. I think you have to actually purchase a lottery ticket to win the lottery. And I am simply too cheap to waste my money on that.

I have four bathrooms already and that is enough for me. Although I know when my children are teenagers . . . four bathrooms will not be enough. grrr. Do you have any idea how much it sucks to clean four bathrooms?

I don't work out of my home any longer. I did have a dream job when I worked. I worked very hard to get that position and I loved what I did. I hope that all people get to say that someday. I had an amazing position doing something I loved and I worked with a fabulous group of people. Not all were fabulous, but most were. I quit voluntarily to be a SAHM and I do not regret it. Not once have I regretted it. Yes, I do get bored at times, but then I snap out of it quickly when I see my gorgeous babies do something that I know I would have missed. I will work again some day and I will find another amazing position.

So the one thing that would make my life easier is simple.

I simply need another one of myself!

Two of me would be perfect. The real me to play all day long with my children and be full of smiles and giggles. The other me to do all the other stuff that makes me say to my children all day long . . . "just a minute" or "one more second" or "I'll be right there".

My life would be so much easier if my shadow actually worked!

Oh, and one more thing . . . if someone would take my dog. Anyone want a two year old yellow Labrador. She is fully trained and totally ignored in this house. She needs a good home where someone will actually pet her.

So what is it, what one thing do you feel would make your life easier?