photo challenge: my favorite shot{s}

Over at Pastor's Girl's Ponderings there is a wonderful photo challenge going on right now . . . your favorite shot. I knew right off what photo I was going to use . . . or I should say . . . the collection of photos I am going to show. A set, I hope it is okay that I am breaking the rules.

There was this gorgeous early fall day back in 2009 when I took my children to the park. My husband and my son were shooting off rockets and my daughters and I were picking flowers and petting the horses and just wandering about. I was snapping off photos like a mad woman that afternoon.

The photos I took that day have forever imbedded the memories of that lovely afternoon in my brain. It was a great day with our children . . . our entire family had a wonderful afternoon and the photos only enhance the memories today.


This is my little one who at the time of these photos had just turned three. You can still see a bit of "baby" in her (at least I can) If you knew her, seeing her frolicing about the park, not firmly perched on my hip, woudl be a HUGE thing. This little one of mine is quite the timid child, she still to this day, one year later, inssts opn my carrying her everywhere!  

Anyway, I simply ADORE these photos of her! SO much that I have them enlarged to 11x14 hanging about my home!