I have this child, this little four year old girl that simply adores, (adores people), snow.

I honestly do not know how I am related to her let alone gave birth to her.

You see, I detest snow with every inch of my being. I don't know why, I've never had anything terrible happen to me with snow involved.

I just simply DO NOT LIKE snow!

This little one of mine, she simply loves to be outdoors . . . in the snow . . . playing . . . throwing snow at me.

The moment we step outside she has a smile on her face that lights up our entire neighborhood (think Monsters, Inc with the little girl, Boo, squealing and all the lights freak out) and peals of laughter are erupting from her lips every single second!

Since I don't much like snow, or having snow thrown all over me . . . I suggest to the wee little one to perhaps throw snow on the dog . . . because she loves snow.

Really, our dog loves and adores snow just as much as this little one here. Our dog will get down low and just run at full speed back and forth across the snow and dip her head down and get a mouthful of snow here and there.

The dog, loves the snow thrown and her and tries to catch every single snowball and flake that my daughter will toss at her.

The two of them have a great time.

She's nuts. Really, the dog is nuts. It is the most hilarious thing to watch. Ever (well, almost)!

Neither of them realize that it is a mere 8 degrees outside and that momma is freezing her bum off!