October, Already?

I think I am on a roll here . . . Every new month that comes up on me, it is simply a surprise. Like, I swear, I see the days passing me by and I am in awe when another month is here . . . right there in front of me and I can't figure out how it happened. I'm in the present, fully participating in the days that are passing me by . . . but simply can't believe how fast life just seems to be going  . . . it is October . . . already . . . and we are full in the throws of fall here in Chicago. I've had my heat on for weeks now . . .  WEEKS! Last weekend, I was scouring for winter hats, gloves, scarves and winter coats!

School is going well for the girls and my son. He has happily adjusted to being at school everyday and we girls have happily adjusted here at home. We rarely see my husband these days and seem to be passing in the halls or swapping kids at gas stations. He is deep in a work project and leaves before I rise and comes home at the kid's bedtime. Vacation next week and I can't wait! Dinner together for a week straight! We will probably kill each other!

Here is a peek into what my week has been like . . .

baby quails
baby quails
homemade bird feeder