November, Already?

I can't believe I am going to say this, but. . . how is it November already?

I think I have been doing this for the past couple of months. I seriously, need to get my act together. I have way too much going on. My husband told me I was barely keeping it together, which in my opinion couldn't be farther from the truth. But, I do have a lot on my plate. Who knew that having three kids would keep me so busy. I have no clue how parents with more children stay afloat. They must have help in some areas. I think that is the issue here. . . I have no family living remotely close to us to even think of assistance with anything.

How is it November Already Tiaras & Tantrums

I have a husband who works an obscene amount and when he is home, he is 'not available'. I am a sole parent in this house and I have told him on several occasions that that has to stop. I keep thinking next month will get better, but then the next month sneaks up on me and my days are still full up. I am completely exhausted all the time, which I think is a good thing. I have to say that I think I am better at "stuff" when I am busier.

Things tend to not get done when I am bored or have too much time on my hands. I still am able to cook almost every day, the house is clean (amazingly!!) and the laundry is always done. I must be doing something right!

Here is a bit of a soothing image from my recent vacation . . . on which I totally relaxed! I totally did nothing . . . no cooking . . . no cleaning . . . although I did do a couple of loads of laundry {I don't think that can be helped when you have three children} . . . I ate three meals a day . . . does anyone else forget to eat most days?? I do this almost daily!  . . . but I still didn't sleep much . . . need to work on that one . . . have a great weekend!