NetFlix March Science Suggestions #NetflixKids

I don't know about you, but we are deep in Science Fair projects this month. My kids could not be more overjoyed about it.I happen to have children who are fascinated with Science and gobble it up at every opportunity. My son will bring me a book of experiments all the time and ask if we can"science" it up for a bit.


If you don't know {because I certainly did not until I became a NetFlix member} there are a variety of TV shows and movies that can aide in jump starting your kids' imaginations and get the whole family excited about a winning science fair idea.

Since I have children who adore Science, especially my son, he happens to discover TV shows that I dam not even aware of. They are fabulous learning shows for your children and I encourage you to peruse NetFlix if you have not heard of any of these titles. My son happily told me that he was aware of most of these shows already {and my DVR can tell you it is full of MythBusters}. We were introduced to a new TV show, Is it Possible?, and my son is hooked. My son was also able to watch some episodes on NetFlix of the favorite Science shows he had missed.


Get Science Fair Inspiration on Netflix

For your big kids:

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How-They-Do-It 571x800
Is-It-Possible 571x800
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boxshot 70142337 en US
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1. How Stuff Works

2. How Do They Do It

3. Is It Possible?

4. Build It Bigger

5. How the Universe Works

6. Extreme Engineering

7. Mythbusters

My daughters are not as hard core Science geeks as my son is and that is completely okay. However,t hey do love Science, but in a completely different way. They have been watching Wild Kratts for years now and somehow we always forget when it is on and miss the first half of an episode. My girls were so excited to see Wild Kratts on NetFlix and watch an entire episode and not miss any details about the marvelous animals on our planet.

And your little ones:

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MSB EN US 571x800 3
Animal-Mechanical EN US 571x800
WildKratts 571x800

1. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

2. Peep and the Big Wide World

3. Magic School Bus: All Dried Up

4. Animal Mechanicals

5. Wild Kratts

Where do you get your inspiration? Here is an idea to jumpstart your kids’ scientific creativity with this quick and easy light bulb experiment. Click here to learn how to create your own.


Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement as a Netflix #StreamTeam Member. All opinions are my own. #NetflixKids