My Treasure Trove


My swap partner, Chronicles Of A Mommy, sent me a delicious package which I received today. After a normal Wednesday of running around like a crazy woman, I drove into my driveway to see a package on my front stoop.
I had $355 worth of groceries that I needed to carry in first (I haven't been shopping in two weeks and my husband is off all next week , so I needed some food, have you seen photos of my hubs?? He's big, he eats A LOT).
I brought the package in but was not able to open it right then as I had to leave again to pick up my son from school.
I was giddy in anticipation.
So when I finally made it home at 3:00 pm, I opened the (recycled) box (she's such a good green girl) and I see pink.


I love pink!!Here is my TREASURE TROVEThe M&Ms I opened immediately and ate as I was starving and had not eaten anything yet (not unusual at all). Munching away I spy little notes attached to each little favorite item (I'm such a dork and DID not do this, forgive me Kacey, this was my first swap)I only purchase Eight O-Clock Coffee (of course), love ribbons (everything was tied so perfectly with adorable ribbons) and notepads and I am addicted to note cards (just wait and see I have a scheduled post about this in Dec) and I get to buy new ones! The tissues, so funny, I always buy these as little gifts BUT I have never purchased them for myself! Oh, and lip gloss from VS (I NEVER go in that store -too embarrassed) which my daughter has swiped from me already(I did get it back and hide it)! And I can't wait to try the Apricot Chicken recipe!

Everything is so thoughtful, so amazing!
Thank you dear Swap Partner, Chronicles Of A Mommy!
That was so much fun!



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