my life this summer


If you showed up at my house unannounced you would most likely catch me in my pajamas still, hair in a high bun, glasses and no makeup. This is my happy. Not the clothes...but the precious time I get to spend with my kiddos.

Smelling my daughters' hair after I wash and condition their gorgeous sets of hair

playing at the park for hours

hunting for caterpillars and butterflies and frogs and dragonflies

everyone gathering around the island and making dinner

listening to the girls play their violins AND my son play his guitar


watching my husband let the girls "climb the daddy mountain" every single night when he comes hom from work.

I love the sun shining down every day these past few days, even though it is at least 95 degrees.

I love to daydream with my little poppets.

Wasting band-aids on mysterious scraps and bumps, after I have thoroughly kissed the area.


I love giggling as my little one brushes her teeth, she brushes for no less than 10 minutes, usually a tube of toothpaste a week.

I love watching all my favorite shows that I DVR late at night when everyone is sleeping.

The way our bunny stretches his body for a cuddle in the morning.

Watching my girls brush down their pony after their riding lessons, he is the most loved pony.


Family bike rides.

Lazy days.


Eating popsicles outside and seeing sticking red arms for hours.

Music playing in the background.


This is my happy. This summer.