my favorite shoes

This one was an easy shot for the day. I don't have a favorite pair of shoes that I would never throw away. I simply have the favorite pair of shoes "for now".

My feet are oddly shaped so I sort of have a hard time with shoes.

Before I had children I don't think I owned a pair of flats {except for gym shoes and those were only for the gym}. I literally lived in high heels. I even wore high heels until the day I delivered my first child! I tired to wear high heels after I had a baby, but let me tell you, walking around with a newborn tettering away on high heels was not working for me.

I quickly tossed the heels and opted for flats and realized I have nerve problems from wearing high heels for so many years! My left foot is  a mess. I have a neuroma and it tortures me. I have had pads and inserts and massages and even corticosteroid injections. Surgery is next and recommended, but I have been holding out. I don't think I can take much more of this pain.

Si today, my favorite pair of shoes sparkle and keep me happy.