My Favorite Kicks!

I have been wearing a pair of fur lined leather Ugg boots for the past six months here in the midwest. The ground has been frozen for that long, so the cement is cold. As in frozen. People, if you don't know how cold it is here . . . I don't know how to say it, except "it's flipping cold".

My feet are so cold all the time if I wear any other shoes, my toes start to tingle because they are literally freezing and I think they are going to fall off. So I wear my fur lined Uggs every day, no matter what I have on, I pull these boots on to keep my feet warm. Otherwise, I freeze.

But, I'm sick of those boots. Sick.To.Death.Of.Them.

I've become infuriated with what is on my feet. I want spring to arrive and I want to wear fun shoes again. As much as I adore my rocker black leather boots with the fur inside that keeps my toes ever so warm. As much as my Uggs are super comfy, perfectly worn, and add a little style to any outfit I wear.

I want fun and playful. I want Classic Converse.

My Favorite Kicks! #Converse
My Favorite Kicks! #Converse

They are my favorite all-stars because you can wear them with almost everything and they are so comfortable. And fun! And cute!

My Favorite Kicks! #Converse

I think a good jean, white tee, and these shoes are enough. Normally on the streets you see the black converse, but these are just a bit more unusual with the fun factor of the double tongue. Next time you want to wear sneakers, don't just reach for your jeans. Grab your skirts or leather pants! It's unexpected. . . and well, fun!

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