More Red

White . . . that is what I can see, not Red . . . no red in sight. I could say that I am seeing red because my kids have been sick for weeks with no end in sight! I picked up my son from school on Monday and he walked out of his classroom and I knew . . . he was sick again . . . and was still on a dose of antibiotics from his latest bout of strep throat . . . just 5 days after he finished his first round of antibiotics from having strep throat right before that!

My son has been sick since New Year's Eve . . . literally, back to back strep throat and this week . . . viral infection . . . which is good news, because the Dr was getting a bit worried when she saw us again on Tuesday morning. We have seen her every single week for the past five weeks. My son had blood tests, for which he only freaked out a bit, and I was pretty proud of him for not trying to climb the walls to get out of there!

My little one has had back to back strep throat and now has bronchitis.

My daughter had strep throat over Christmas break and was well throughout all the sickness in our house. She now has a terrible cold.

I was well through the entire endless vomit duty of days, endless sleepless nights and endless restless days. Saturday I woke up with a scratchy throat and I knew a cold was hitting my body. Sunday I felt dead, literally . . . dead. I am now just suffering through a horrific cold and if I cough one more time I think I may sit down and cry and frankly, just give up.

On top of all this "sickness" . . . I can't go anywhere . . . we are literally snowed into our house . . . well, not literally, we can go out. But I don't want to . . . who wants to drive around and look at 2 feet of snow piled up everywhere? Plus all the schools have been canceled. The current degrees is -9. Yesterday I didnt' make it out of my pajamas. I took a shower at 4pm and then just simply crawled into a clean pair of pajamas.

So, I have not seen much red this week . . . loads and loads and loads of white. But not much red.

FEB11 023.jpg

My counter . . . our arsenal of medicine

FEB11 009.jpg

And, yes, the snow is that deep.

FEB11 006.jpg

I baked these cupcakes yesterday for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, that was supposed to be today, but has since been canceled. Anyone want a cute cupcake?