I have been sewing lately . . . a lot actually. When I get on a sewing kick, I will sew and sew and stitch for hours on end.

I love nothing more than to visit a fabric store and ogle at all the gorgeous fabrics there. I envision changing all my rooms with new, luscious fabrics. Unfortunately, my husband's pocketbook can not afford all my dreams. I let the children pick out some fun prints and I made throw pillows for all my their rooms.

I have been meaning to change the window treatments in my living room for a couple of years and have just never gotten around to it. After I showed my living room off in my Tour Of My Home I decided that it was time for a change.

This is the


view of my bay window . . .

this is the new look . . . my new


the sun was shining so bright the morning that I took this that I couldn't get a full on photo

closer looks at the valance . . . I didn't buy enough fringe so I will be doing that this week

I simply took down the old valances, ripped the fabric off the boards (they were just stapled on anyway) , tacked the new fabric on the boards and screwed the boards back into the wall. I left the same sheers. I then took some tea cup hooks and screwed those into the wall above the valences and hung the drapes off the hooks.


My new mistreatments!

My husband hates them, I love them!

I am currently sewing the new drapes and duvet for baby girls room . . . pink taffeta!