Missing Spring


Random thoughts and photos . . .
We have been getting a taste of spring here and there this past week . . . it is quite lovely. The sun is an amazing mood changer . . . quite frankly . . . I shrivel up without the sun shining. We still see loads of dead grass and my shrubs and bushes are not yet budding . . . but my tulips, daffodils and other flowers, whose names escape me right now, are popping up.
We have been able to bring our bikes out from storage and realized that daughter can now ride son's bike and son is without a bike and on his scooter. We will soon be off to make new bike purchases.
Isn't that a great photo?
My husband and our daughter . . . father and daughter.
I was behind them walking with the stroller and quickly shot this photo off and I was so pleased it turned out so well.

"Oh hold still, little one", baby girl replied . . .
These girls love worms . . . and were so excited that we were able to find some in my flower beds. The ground is no longer frozen and the girls were able to search for their beloved wormy worms. It makes me a laugh out loud that my girls will dig and search and play with and touch worms and my poor son won't touch one single, slimy, wiggly worm to save his life (his SID really gets in the way of having fun sometimes).
I took this photo with my old, old camera, Olympus Camedia C-700, and was pleased to see that I still enjoyed the quality of the photos. I get tired of lugging around my big Canon Rebel sometimes.
My windblown daughter at the park.

Same old camera . . . which I may just pass on to my son . . . . who took this photo . . . he loves to take photos as much as I. I think this will be a great starter camera for him.
It still shows off how brilliant my hair is (of course its dyed, but I am a natural redhead, see the roots, that's more my natural color than the middle to ends).
This girl . . . she has my heart forever.