Medieval Times | Winter Break Specials in Chicago

Winter break is fast approaching and I am so looking forward to a bit of a rest and reprieve from school and activities. We are ready to have a blast over winter break and be taken back to the 11th century at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. Which is perfect because we have been studying all about the 11th century in Omnibus this semester.

Medieval Times | Winter Break Specials

11th Century-Style Castles

My daughters are so excited to see the gorgeous Andalusian horse show, and swoon over the knights defending their realm. We all can't wait to see a beautiful princess and a king try to save their kingdom. There are only a few of the wonders to enjoy at Medieval Times.

My children love to visit Medieval Times and actually my son is the one who requests a visit the most. This winter break we will be visiting to have a fun day and be transported back in time when chivalry and knights were everyday reality. My son can't wait to eat without utensils! We will be able to take a tour of the Hall of Arms and see authentic medieval artifacts.

Medieval Times | Winter Break Specials in Chicago

Dining With the King

Did you know you are officially called to dinner by real Trumpeters who call all guest into the Grand Arena for a delicious four-course feast and the fantastic two-hour action-packed dinner and theater show?

Dinner is served by wenches and there are NO utensils - which is every kid's dream! Dinner begins with tomato bisque soup, and continues with roasted chicken, a corn cobbette, an herb-basted potato and finishes with an apple pastry for dessert. There is plenty of food to keep you full and happy. There are also vegetarian options.

Medieval Times | Winter Break Specials in Chicago

King’s Champion

Dinner concludes and you will be fascinated by the valiant knights in action, competing and defending the realm for the princess and king. The knights are all vying for the title of the King's Champion. Battle tournaments will be held and all the guests will cheer on their favorite knights. Be sure to get your banners ready! You may even be a lucky guest and receive a kissed flower from your special knight.

Medieval Times | Winter Break Specials in Chicago

Plan A Visit

The Medieval Times castle is the best place to celebrate the holiday parties this winter break!  Schedule all your holiday parties, birthdays and quinceañeras, corporate events and tour groups, school field trip and scouting troop events are also available with special matinees AND educational downloads.

Disclosure:  I will receive a complimentary visit to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.