This child of mine loves to roam about in the 'forest' . . . although this is not really a forest but simply a local park with a long creek running through it. I have to say in all honesty, I love that my kids have no fear of jumping in this creek.  Truth be told, my kids were the only ones running in this creek and splashing about and having a ball and loving every minute of it. I must be the worst momma for letting my children run amok in this area! This girl especially loves nothing better than to get soaking wet exploring to her hearts content.

I tried really hard to accomplish the mouse over technique . . . I have seen this used before on numerous blogs and have been so jealous that I can not figure it out. Kim's instructions were straight forward and I totally completed each of her steps . . . but I still can't get it to work! It's so frustrating that I gave up! I do not use Photoshop and perhaps there lies my issue . . . I will figure the mouse over technique out though!

This tree was as the park where my children were splashing about in the creek. My daughter and I were just studying the different trees and their leaves during school last week and we were able to locate all but the willow tree family in our yard (we have loads of trees). My girls already know what a weeping willow tree is because it happens to be my most favorite tree. I simply love this tree . . . I think it brings back wonderful childhood memories for me. I had a huge willow tree in my childhood home/yard I used to spend hours and hours climbing, swinging and loving on . . . until sadly, it was struck by lightening. I still remember that lovely tree so fondly and hope to someday have one again.