Life is a Bold Adventure

Life is a bold adventure and I think everyone should live a bold life and make the most out of every day. What are some of the things you should do everyday to make your life a bold adventure? Here are some tips to make your life a bold one.

Life is a Bold Adventure  #MyBoldMoments

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“Freedom lies in being bold.” Robert Frost

I think I look to summertime the most of all the seasons. A relaxed routine and a slower pace of the day. I am not focused on time, a calendar or appointments and schedules. I like to think of summer as a stress-free zone and I fully take advantage of the summer season. I have quotes from my favorites readings that I like to think about during the day to keep my life as one big bold adventure. 

Life is a Bold Adventure #MyBoldMoments

I believe that every summer day holds something special. The real moments in my days are gifts, truly. I like to make the most of these gifts, with energy, boldness and confidence. I like to embrace the spirit of adventure and live a bold, multi-faceted life, making the most out of every day.

Life is a Bold Adventure #MyBoldMoments

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” - William James

Daily Escape

Life is a Bold Adventure  #MyBoldMoments

There is no better way to begin the day than in nature. I like to get a walk in the woods in the morning before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. The woods are my place to think, imagine and create. Once I hit the walking trail, the grind of the day just seems to wash away.

When was the last time you took some time for yourself?

Life is a Bold Adventure #MyBoldMoments

I push pause for a moment when I am walking in nature. I don't let the hustle of schedules or the long list of to-dos rob me of my time to rejuvenate and relax.  I need this time for my brain to just settle before the speed of life catches up to me again.

“Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.” - Maya Angelou


Life is a Bold Adventure #MyBoldMoments

As soon as I get home from my walk, I get ready for the day. I start by using LISTERINE® Total Care. This mouthwash cleans 100% of my mouth and kills 99.9% of bad breath germs(and believe me, my kids will be the first ones to tell me my breath stinks). LISTERINE is part of my regular morning routine everyday and helps give me the confidence to take on the day.

LISTERINE® is the #1 dentist recommended mouthwash brand and I don't want my dentist being disappointed when I go for my checkups. I know sometimes I am in a rush and don't always brush the best and brushing really only cleans 25% of my mouth. LISTERINE® Total Care helps strengthen my teeth, prevents cavities and restores minerals to the enamel in my teeth.

Life is a Bold Adventure  #MyBoldMoments


As a busy home educating mom of three, a wife, part-time photographer, a blogger, and an active volunteer in my church and community; I am pulled in different directions all day long. I am always on the go. I have a daily routine and I know that in my routine there is the potential for more friendships, more connections and more opportunities.

I always bring along my LISTERINE® Total Care because it kills my bad breath germs. I don't want to turn off prospective clients or people in the community I am helping with my breath! LISTERINE® freshens my breath and strengthens my teeth during the day.

Life is a Bold Adventure  #MyBoldMoments


Because I have so very many things going on in my life, I really try to make the most of each moment that I do have. Having a small business means every turn can lead to something bold and unexpected. Fostering friendships and being a part of the community is very important to me. I literally get more out of volunteering than what I give. I think this is such an important trait to pass along to my children.


I believe in myself and I believe that confidence and bold moves power me through the day. But at the end of the day, there’s no better way to tighten my bond with my husband, than by coming together with him at the end of the day to share our dreams and passions. (That is, right after I freshen my breath!)

It is really important for a couple to have individual goals and dreams and then have the opportunity to come together and share those passions together. I think it makes our relationship stronger and it makes me a stronger, bolder woman.

“Never apologize for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself every night. That is how galaxies are made.” - Tyler Kent White

The next time you are out at CVS picking up your cosmetics or toiletries, be sure to pop over to the mouthwash aisle and grab some LISTERINE® Total Care. I recommend the Fresh Mint flavoring. I was able to stop by my local CVS (it is right next to my favorite coffee shop) and grabbed my new supply of mouthwash.

Life is a Bold Adventure  #MyBoldMoments

How do you embrace bold adventures each day?