Less Is More This Holiday

Less is More

I have just begun to address my holiday cards . . . so very late this year . . . but so like me of late . . . to be late. I don't send the same card to everyone . . . I'm weird like that . . . if I don't like you(or know you), but am obligated to send you a card, you get the simple holiday card of my kids with simple holiday greetings . . . if I do like you, but don't want you to know many details about our year, you would receive a bit nicer card with a small blurb of happiness and tinsel and if I really like you, well, you would receive the lovely card with an outline of our year and other tidbits. (I know, I'm weird)


Holiday Lights

I'm skipping this one this week because I really couldn't capture a photo that I even liked . . . so . . . I'll be heavy on the Ornaments instead.


I'm very picky about my Christmas tree . . . just ask my children . . . they know if they add a decoration that I will likely relocate it a few moments later to the most perfect position. I love a very full Christmas tree . . . and I do mean jam packed full of decorations! I actually could stand about 50 more decorations on my tree, but can't spare the space anymore to store all these precious treasures. Guess what my remedy is? (shh, don't tell anyone, but only one side of my tree is decorated!) Here are some of my favorites . . .


Cup of Cheer

My favorite cup to drink a lovely cup of hot tea in each evening prior to going to bed.



I actually collect Nativity (s) . . . this particular one is my favorite at the moment . . . my husband brought it back from Israel last year . . . I adore it.