Keeping Family Traditions Going

Fall is here! Besides school, apple pies, and pumpkins, it’s also the best time of year for apple picking.

Although many orchards in our area are not opening due to this years uncooperative weather over the spring and summer, our favorite apple orchard that was still creating family traditions.  We were still able to take a wagon ride into the apple orchards. However, we could only explore and raom around the orchard instaed of actually picking apples ourselves.{we were able to choose from already picked apples in bins} It was still  a great experience and a fabulous day.

The orchard we visit has loads of things to do to entertain my little ones. There were pig races, magic shows, mini zip lines, a 12 acre corn maze, well pumping races, bouncy houses, petting zoo, pillow jump and apple and donuts!

Do you see any apples yet sister?

I'm going to check over here . . . maybe they missed some?

Hurry up momma, we need to find some apples they forgot to pick.

Are you finished yet momma?

I'll smile for you momma. {thanks sweet girl}

Did you find any apples? I didn't either.