So this week as I was planning my days {in camera mode} to find JOY in everyday activities . . . it was a bit hard since I have not seen the sun in over five days! It has been dreary, gray and wet and cold. Every time I go outside my fingertips and toes are frozen and I must run for cover and heat inside my home. So once again, I am pressed to find JOY inside my house.

Thinking of JOY floods my brain with many memories . . . I would love to post some of my most joyous days . . . however the assignment is to post a current photo. Obviously some of my most joyous moments were my wedding day and the births of my children. Other moments that really stand out are from childhood achievements.
Such as winning 5 medals at the finals swimming meets for 4 years straight.
Winning a couple of trophies for showings for 4-H during county fairs.
Graduating from high school.
Making the dean's list in college (I still have that letter).
But I can't post these moments . . . these moments are captured forever in my head to replay at my leisure.
For today, I will post what brought JOY to me in the past couple of days.

. . .this little one . . .

. . . oh, and this little man . . .

. . . oh, yes, and this beautiful girl . . .

. . . and yes, even Edy's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup with Chocolate Sauce  

What brings you JOY?