Is your blog mobile-friendly?

Is your blog mobile-friendly

How does your blog look today? Is your blog design up to date?

Is your blog mobile-friendly?

If you are not sure, today is the day to find out! Google rolled out its new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm today (4/21/2015). What does that mean for your blog? Well, Google will begin to penalize your, your blog, in searches. This will essentially lead to reduced traffic to your blog and essentially, loss of income!

So, is your blog mobile-friendly or not? Google says it is or it is not. There will be no grey area here for Google. I tested my site as soon as I heard and I am all set! (Thank you SquareSpace!) I also tested some sites that I designed and developed! One of my clients even called me to say he tested his site and he was thanking me for having his site mobile-friendly and up to date!


I would say if you have not tested your site yet through Google's new Mobile-Friendly Test tool, be sure to do that as soon as you can. You don't want to loose readers or income. If you manage sites or blogs for others, be sure to test those sites as well.

If your blog is not mobile-friendly you can read the Webmasters Mobile Guide to assist you in conquering your blog and improve your mobility. Be sure to check out the guide to mobile-friendly sites as well.

Happy Blogging!