Inspiring Weekend


This past weekend I participated in a craft show . . . and what a great learning experience for me! Great networking, great information, such lovely ladies I did meet! The show was not what I had expected (is anything ever what you envision it to be) or anticipated . . . but, I did make some sales. Mostly thanks to all my friends and family for supporting me in this new hobby / business / I don't know what to call it yet. Sadly, without the support of my friends and family I would have only made two sales. This craft show was mostly for vendors. There were a total of four crafters there amongst more than a dozen vendors. Not the best fit for me. But I take away nothing but positive energy from this first show of mine.

I spent a total of 16 hours away from my children . . . something I have never done (aside from being in the hospital giving birth to another child). I am feeling so refreshed and renewed as a mother! I definitely need to do that more often!


Things I learned is: do I want to sell lots or do I want to to be a bit more exclusive. Should I sell simpler albums--still cute, but perhaps have a high-end line that are only available at certain shows. I will need to participate in a few more craft shows to see which ones are the best market for my type of 'thing'. But for now, I am left with many adorable tassels to sell and some really fabulous hand made scrapbooks. I had an Etsy shop, but I closed it. I may have to open another one!




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