Innocent Wonder

This season in my home we hve been battling many cold, runny noses and the dreaded strep throat. Each of my children have had it in the past month. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we had vomitting children. They all improved to celebrate New Year's Eve and then were all promptly sick again. They all just finished their anitiobotics two weeks. My little one had surgery on her eyes on the 15th and yesterday started the "strep" look. I was up with her last night, all night long, with panicked breathing and a high temperature. I don't know about any other mothers, but when my kids get a high temperature, I really start to panic! I really do not know why I always think the worst. Just touching my little one's hands . .  worries me to the brink . . . they are so hot. This day has not been any better. I had to run out for a bit this afternoon and my husband promised me he would watch her. As soon as I walked in the door, she was standing there, arms raised to hold her and crying . . . "Daddy didn't take care of me, he was watching tv the whole time". I felt awful! But I soon snuggled in with her and a book and had to snap off a photo for today's challenge. She is running a temperature of 102 here and quite miserable!

But she alwasy has interest in a good book . . . this one was perfect because it really fit her mood. She's sick and scared as well.