I'm in Heaven on Mondays Now

I so rarely ever get a break from my children, but this is my choice. I really enjoy being around my kiddos and long ago decided that I didn't want to have babysitters for my children {I can count on my hands how many times my kids have been without my husband and myself}. My husband is quite busy with his job and is not around a lot of the times and when he is here, he is not really here. However, he is actually around more now than he ever was when the kiddos were much younger.

I have to admit that I happen to think when my children were younger, it was easier, they were easier. Now my kiddos have their own little opinions that they are happy to voice to me. I can't tell you how many times a day I here "M-O-M"{insert shouting little voices all at the same time saying the exact same thing over and over again until I answer that specific call}.

Now that we are back in school in our classroom, I would think things would calm down a bit. However, they are not. The constant need to call "M-O-M" has yet to cease. "I'm done now, what do I do next?" "I have a question." "What is this word?" "I'm hungry, can I have a snack" "I'm thirsty, can I have a drink?" "Can I ask you something" and on and on all day long. It never stops.

To say the least, I'm getting a bit worn down by my kiddos and I am in need of a break. I used to sit up at night by myself and just do my own thing and stay up really {really} late.However, now that school has started up again, I simply can not do that any longer as I need my brain cells to teach all day long. {and listen to my name being called no less than 2000 times}

On Monday mornings, we all get up at very early o'clock to get my two oldest off to their school co-op for the day. A l l  d a y. All day long they are gone. From 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. It's just me and the little one all day long. Just me and my little six year old who is as quiet as a mouse because her siblings are constantly chatting over her. My little one who is in heaven on Mondays because she gets her momma all to herself.

I'm in heaven too because I only hear "M-O-M" about 25 times during the day!