I Would Certainly Be A Zombie

An unknown virus pops up all over the world and 75% of the world is infected and turned into cannibalistic zombies . . . you are one of the few immune people, how long would you survive?

Are you familiar with this show? I have a slight obsession with it, if I am being honest. Up until last year, I had never watched the show, The Walking Dead. A friend of mine told me she and her husband couldn't stop watching it and I thought, oh my I can not get sucked into another TV series. I forgot about The Walking Dead for a couple of months and then one night was really bored and decided to watch it.

Why did I never watch this show? What was the matter with me? I was instantly addicted and roped my husband into watching it with me. I went out and purchased season 1 and 2 on DVD and we literally sat for nights on end, after the children were asleep, watching this tv series. We were hooked. We were zombie addicted. We have been faithful watchers of The Walking Dead ever since.

But the weird thing is, what if this came true? What would you do if cannibalistic zombies took over the nation? Would you survive? Would you be a zombie?

I was thinking about this last night {I know! why? and I have no clue?} and I thought . . .


The reason I would certainly be a zombie is very clear. If I were to set aside the fact that I am so completely out of shape and would never be able to run fast enough to get away from one, let alone a mob of zombies, I could possibly survive.

If I were to set aside the fact that I can't breathe and am completely dependent on an inhaler, I might survive. Can you just see me . . . run, stop, puff puff . . . holding up my finger for the zombies to take a minute to allow me a minute to catch my breathe! Hilarious, right? Those two issues aside, I might have a chance.

However, at this point in my life, I feel like there are a few things that I simply could not live without. If zombies took over the world, I could pack up a backpack full of all the 'things' I deem necessary to survive, but if a heard of zombies start chasing me, wouldn't I just end of tossing the backpack to move quicker? Then how would I survive without my stuff?

What would I be packing in this backpack you wonder. Well, since I feel like I simply can't live without a number of things, I would have to load up on these important products because obviously the local Target would no longer be stocking their shelves.

Blistex. I have tubes and tubes and tubes of Blistex everywhere. In my pocket. In my purse. In my car. In my desk drawer. In the utensil drawer. By my chair. On my night stand. In my makeup bag. Tubes of this white ointment everywhere. For me to slather my dry, parched, pink lips with. I am obscenely addicted to Blistix. Any other tube of salve will not do. It must be the medicated lip ointment. I can not live without it. I would carry around a backpack full of Blistek to get me through the remainder of days.

Coffee. I don't think the local Starbucks will be in service any longer. How will I survive without my flavor of the month? I don't think a cafe will exist where I can request a half non-fat, half rice milk, one shot caramel, one shot vanilla, no foam grande coffee. What do you think? Maybe?

Food. I'm a picky eater. With severe acid reflux. What will I do? How can I eat something that makes me gag and sputter and vomit? I will starve to death. Although that would not be such a bad thing, then I would no longer be a tempting morsel to a zombie.

Without caffeine to keep me going, my Blistek to keep my lips plump and a special diet to keep me from gagging all day long . . . I would certainly be a zombie in a matter of days. How about you? Would you last?