I Can't Control Personality, Energy and Uniqueness

Photographing my children can sometimes be a challenging task, since my children typically do not like posing for the camera (especially when they are too busy doing something they like).

Everything happens way too fast, making it somewhat difficult for me to capture the moment perfectly. {or should I say capture the moment how I want it to look} Because of that, I sometimes end up with blurry or out-of-focus photographs.

I love to capture all three of my children together in a photo, but I almost never do. I do not like to line them up in awkward positions and say “look at the camera and smile”. What I do adore is a photograph that reflects their personality, energy and uniqueness.

I took the children to our favorite forest preserve this past weekend to capture some family photos. I was really hoping to obtain some fabulous family shots for our annual holiday card. By the time everyone was ready and out the door, the sun had disappears and the wind had picked up considerably.

The photos did not turn out how I wanted {see, I can't control personality, energy and uniqueness} and I was not able to capture "the one" family shot. But what I did capture was the wonderful personality, energy and uniqueness of my children.

{he refused to put that stick down - even after I offered him $5 for it}{she was collecting milk weeds}I will be attempting photographs this weekend as well. Hopefully I will get some snow!