How To Make An Animated GIF!

I am not a photoshop-er. It just has not appealed to me (yet). I keep trying it and just keep closing it because I'm not comfortable with it.

However, I keep seeing all these wonderful animated GIFs out and about that are being made using Photoshop.

Have you seen them?

They are ever so adorable!

I wanted to make one and didn't feel up to photoshop-ing it again (aggravation always follows the use). So, for the NON-Photoshop-er, like me, I found some sites that can make the animated GIF files.

Here is mine . . . I am in the rain forest in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, on the Tarzan Swing. It is one of the most unique experiences of my life I have to say.

This Tarzan swing was located at a 60 ft high tower in the canopy of the trees. At the top of the tower is the jump-platform where you will be launched (and in my case - pushed because I did not want to jump) and swing about 120 ft to another tree platform.

It was horrifying!

The Tarzan Swing

Here are some websites I found hwere you can make your own animated GIFs.