How much time do you spend on your beauty routine each day?

Question of the day here:

What beauty routine?
5 minutes max
5 to 15 minutes
more than 15 minutes . . .

Me, braw haaa ha hah ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!

Most days I don't even get a shower in until around 4 PM, so I am running around stinky, hair not washed and thrown in a pony, sans makeup and really feeling quite yucky!
I HATE to not shower in the morning . . . something about a morning shower that just really helps me get going.

Washing my hair is truly a pain in my arse! It takes me two washes to get it super clean and then the half of a bottle of conditioner to get it super soft. Very aggravating. Then to blow dry my hair . . . it takes about 30 mintues to dry. I have naturally curly hair (well, now after three children it is naturally frizzy) and then another 15-20 minutes to straighten siad long hair.
To be honest, I don't wash my hair much. I know, gross . . . please don't leave me readers, but it is just such a hassle to wash, dry and straighten my hair. And don't even get me started if I have washed my hair and I go outside and it is humid or rainy!!!!!!!!

Makeup is an easy 5 mintues. I have worn the same exact makeup for over 20 years. I can't switch. I have extremely sensitive skin and my eyes will poof out to the moon if I use anything else.

At night, different story . . . I have BAD skin - BAD BAD skin . . . since the birth of my third child, I have developed a case of ance like a budding teenager. It is so frustrating to see many wrinkles pared with many pimples. Not really pimples, but Milia. Little and big white and skin colored bumps slpashed across my cheeks and forehead. I have more cleansing products than any normal person is allowed to own. So at night I must wash, cleanse, exfoliate, scrub, tone, and mask it up. Oh, and loads of pimple zapper this or that!

So, What Is Your Beauty Routine?