How many Clorox wipes do I need to clean my house?

I spent the better part if yesterday cleaning every surface of my house, sanitizing any location in my house that my children may have touched. I washed all the sheets (again), towels(again) and clothes and changed all the bedding (again). I scrubbed the walls, the floors, the doorways, and the baseboards . . . anywhere a sneeze may have landed. I put every dish in my house (again), throwing all the toothbrushes in as well, in the dishwasher, twice for good measure.

My kids are sick, still sick, yes, still sick. I'm amazed I am not.

I received a phone call from my children's school last night informing me that there were two confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus. My first thought was, I knew it! Frankly I don't even want to send my children to school the rest of this week. I'd like the school to open up all their windows and freeze these germs out. Which I have been doing all day today in my house. Yes, it is 40 degrees outside and my windows are wide open.

My children do get sick, as much as the next child. But, they are not sick for one full week with symptoms every single day. Just Monday evening/early Tuesday morning I was up with my son on vomit duty. He refused to leave the bathroom and ended up sleeping on the floor the rest of the night. My children, all my children, are keeping me up all night long with their fevers, coughs and upset tummies. I have been through countless bottles of medicine already, boxes and boxes of tissues and many packages of Kandoo wipes.

My son was the first to come down with this flu bug, he ran a high temperature and had a vicious cough/cold and he was constantly freezing(which is sort of odd for him because he runs pretty hot). Baby girl was just coming off her possible asthma/bad infection and was still not feeling quite up to herself. My middle daughter was coughing all over the place and ended up getting a high temperature two days later. Baby girl had an even higher temperature the same day. I spent all day Saturday and Sunday running from one sick child to the next with medicine and wipes and tissues and clean clothes and blankets. I was actually very worried and had my first thoughts that perhaps this was a version of H1N1. I don't think I slept very many moments those nights.

We have had two trips to the pediatrician and one phone consultation(See, I am neurotic), who assures me this is just a version of what is going around, but not actually the H1N1 virus. She warned me to be vigilant in cleaning and washing. Our favorite doctor also told the children to wash their hands all day long and to not touch any of their friends while at school (which I am so sure they are going to remember to do). No medications were prescribed except the OTC I was already shoveling in their mouths. (I don't believe in flu shots for my children or myself)

Hopefully our due diligence will pay off for the rest of this cold season. Because it is not even the end of October yet and and my children have missed 4 days of school already. Although since this strain of flu can live on a surface for up to 8 hours, I imagine I will have monthly cleaning sessions of my house for the next 5 months!

I wonder, can I scrub my children with Clorox wipes?