Homemade DQ Buster Bar Dessert Cake {Recipe}

Summer is over and we are right in the beginning of fall. It is true. I'm yearning for the hot days of summer and fabulous summer desserts. My children asked me for one of their favorites over the weekend and I was delighted to make it.  This dessert cake is similar to the Dairy Queen Buster Bar dessert, but without the peanuts.  I am not a fan of peanuts IN my food. In my humble opinion, mine is sooo much better! It is so super simple to make, great on a hot summer day OR a cool fall day and pleases everyone in the family! 

Homemade Buster Bar Dessert Cake Recipe

Homemade DQ Buster Bar Dessert Cake

2 pkgs Oreo cookies crushed in a baggie (let your kiddos smash away)

1 stick of butter, melted

1/2 gallon vanilla ice cream slightly softened (any flavor will work, but we love vanilla)

1 - 2 bottles Hot Fudge Sauce, softened slightly in microwave.

1 large container Cool Whip, thawed slightly (or MORE if you need more)

Remove some of the crushed cookies to spread over the top of the cake when completed,  cookies. about Blend cookies and melted butter in a large bowl and combine well. Press into 9×13 pan to create crust. You may either scoop out your slightly melted ice cream and spread OR simply cut your ice cream into ¾″ to 1″ slices and lay on top of crust. Place in the freezer until the ice cream is firm again. (approximately ½ an hour) Next, drizzle the hot fudge topping over the ice cream, you may use as little or as much as you want. My children tend to be a bit heavy handed in this step (YUM!)  Put it back into the freezer and allow the chocolate sauce to freeze and harden. (approximately 20-30 min.) Once the chocolate sauce is frozen, cover it with the Cool Whip and the remaining crushed cookies and re-freeze until this topping is hard. (approximately 1 hour) Once all the ingredients are frozen, the dessert is ready to slice and enjoy!

Homemade Buster Bar Dessert Recipe

There is nothing better than this Homemade DQ Buster Bar Dessert Cake to bring back wonderful memories of a summer day!

Homemade Buster Bar Dessert Recipe

If you love dessert or chocolate or Oreos or whipping cream or chocolate . . . you will LOVE this dessert . . . It really is hard to just have ONE slice!