Heroic Teeth Habits with LISTERINE

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Every once in awhile I get really excited about a product and today is one of those times. In our home I know the importance of teaching good habits. Helping my children learn good dental habits as early as possible will set them up for a life of good dental health! Brushing is an important habit to have. There are some amazing oral care products from LISTERINE that will foster your children's LISTERINE Heroic Habits and set them up for a lifetime of dental health.

Herioc Habits with LISTERINE

When I was a child, I would brush my teeth twice a day. That is it. I never flossed, I never used mouthwash; I basically brushed and rinsed. I was also blessed to have parents who never allowed me to drink soda, consume candy or eat anything that was considered junk food. I grew up in rural IA and fast food and convenience stores did not exist in my area. Thankfully, I have great teeth today. I think my upbringing contributed to my good teeth, but I also think genetics plays a hand in your mouth as well.

My husband, on the other hand, grew up in the city, had access to sweets all the time and ate plenty of them. He has horrible teeth and not just horrible teeth, but incredible issues with his teeth and mouth. This past summer he had an Osseous surgery in his mouth to repair severe periodontitis which had developed into holes in the bones around his teeth.

Because my husband never developed Heroic Habits when brushing, it is doubly important that we model this behavior to our children today. Teaching our children good brushing and flossing habits begins with us. They will want to imitate us and develop the strong Heroic Habits I want them to have.

There are many oral care products, including toothpastes and toothbrushes, that are made to meet the unique dental needs of my children. But, my absolute favorite products for my children and my husband are LISTERINE healthy oral care products.

Herioc Habits with LISTERINE

My children actually really love to use the LISTERINE Smart Rinse Anticavity Mouthwash. The anticavity Smart Rinse mouthwash is alcohol free and aides in cleaning their teeth because sometimes they just are not as vigilant as I would like them to be whilst brushing. LISTERINE Smart Rinse protects their teeth while they are sleeping, is super easy to use and tastes great.

I happen to love the LISTERINE Ultra Clean Access Flosser for my children's small mouths. Getting my kiddos into a routine of flossing has not been easy. With the Clean Access Flosser, flossing is so much easier and loads of fun. The Clean Access Flosser is kid-friendly and fits perfectly into their small mouths and doesn't hurt their gums. My husband actually loves the Clean Access Flosser as well. We were able to pick up another one at our local retailers where LISTERINE products are available for purchase.

Since my husband's Osseous Surgery, he has been quite diligent in the care of his teeth. He is super excited about LISTERINE Ultra Clean Mint Floss and LISTERINE Gentle Gum Care Floss. He had to be very careful flossing after his surgery and the Gentle Gum Care Floss was perfect for his healing gums. The soft, springy floss perfectly cushioned his sensitive gums. Currently he uses the Ultra Clean Mint Floss and is quite pleased with the results. This floss actually has micro-grooves built into the floss that enables the floss to remove more plaque from his teeth. This is an oral care product that really benefits my husband's mouth. He certainly does not want to have another surgery to prevent any further bone loss due to plaque built up!

My children are picking up his great Heroic Habits with the amazing LISTERINE oral care products. Like all our other great Heroic Habits such as healthy eating and exercising regularly, we want our kids to have a lifetime of dental health.