Having Fun Climbing A Tree



This past Saturday I took the children downtown to the museum. We usually wait around all morning and most of the afternoon for my husband to finish up working (he works a lot and way too much in my opinion). But this day I decided no more waiting, we are going without him. By 10 am I was loaded up for the day and out of the house. We arrived at the museum and had a fabulous day there with an old friend and her children. While walking back to our vehicle at the end of the day my daughter spotted this wonderfully curved tree (which I didn't take a photo of ). I thought, what a perfect Christmas card opportunity!. Naturally, I took about 57 photos during this one pose and none will do! Here are some of my outtakes! It was a beautiful, crisp fall day. My son loved that tree and it took some coaxing of chocolate to get him to climb down!