Got To Wear Shades

 . . . I wish I had a brain that planned that far in advance, but it just never works out that way for me. I am always hoping I have a photo from the week that fits the theme so I don't have to go digging through past folders.

Tonight I actually started to laugh out loud at the "Got To Wear Shades" theme because literally today, I was outside snapping off photos of my daughters who were outside in swimming suits and sunglasses! Too hilarious! The hard part was choosing which was my favorite.


The funny thing of note in this photo is my little one had her swim top on backwards and the wheel on the tricycle . . . do you see that wheel . . . I totally ran over that wheel last month.

Dope I am . . . backing out of the driveway.

You would think I would learn my lesson . . .  not a chance. Saturday night I ran over the stroller that I had left half behind my SUV and half in front of the garage.

I knew I did it and totally forgot . . . . stroller wheel is worse for wear . . . broke my tail light and dented the side of my vehicle AND . . . AND totally blew out the railing on the garage door opener.

I can't even repeat what my husband was shouting at me after that!

Hopefully, I won't run over anymore of my kids "things" with wheels!