Good Night Snacks with Kellogg's

If you eat before bed it is a good idea as long as you select the right foods because even the healthiest of eaters can get hungry for a snack before bed. My children are always requesting a Good Night Snack before bedtime.

This Good Night Snacks with Kellogg's post has been compensated by Kellogs's. All opinions are mine alone.  #goodnightsnack

It is not uncommon in my house for everyone to want a good night movie snack while relaxing before they go to bed. But I want my kids to eat the right things before they go to bed. I don't need them eating something that will keep them awake all hours of the night. A small bowl of Kellogg's Fruit Loops cereal is the perfect good night snack and easy to prepare! 


My husband and I have been eating cereal for a good night snack for years and it easily carried right down to our children. We love to toss some cereal on a bowl of yogurt and munch away, happy and content.  A plain bowl of yogurt seems so unappealing to a child, but when I toss some delicious fruity Foot Loops on their yogurt for their night time movie snack, they are delighted by the bright colors and fruity aroma. I'm happy because my kids are eating cereal made with whole grains late at night instead of loading up on junk food.

Sometimes my kids will crave a high fat snack late at night and I really want to avoid these as my kids will have trouble falling asleep because their little bodies are working hard to digest all that fat so late at night. A bowl of yogurt covered Fruit Loops are easy to digest and will help them feel tired gradually.

I want my kiddos to be fueled while they sleep as well. Eight to ten hours is a really long time to go without giving their bodies any fuel. Something small and easily digestible like a bowl of yogurt covered in fruity Fruit Loops is a sensible choice before bedtime for my children. This is a great option to fill them up just a bit, while they are watching a movie and getting ready to go to bed soon.

My kids were so excited when I placed the biggest box of Fruit Loops in our cart while shopping at Walmart. My daughter asked if she could open the box in the cart! {I did make them wait until we returned home} Last night I saw my son shaking the last fruity Fruit Loops into a bowl and he looked up at me and told me I need to buy another box. THREE DAYS! The biggest box of Fruit Loops lasted three days in my house. Thankfully, I bought a box of Apple Jacks too!

Being a  home educator, I always save the empty boxes for creative crafts in my homes. My daughters love to get into my supply stash and get their creative craft on. This particular box I thought I had hidden from my daughters, but they did discover it and quickly turned it into an addition to their cardboard box doll house that is ever evolving. It is quite spectacular now that it has a fruity Froot Loops addition.

Late night snacks can be the perfect companion to a movie or television show or a good book. Kellogg's Fruit Loops is the perfect companion in our home!  Don't forget to save the empty boxes for creative crafts.