Going Back In Time

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Going Back in Time We just returned from vacation earlier this week and my kiddos are already "vacation sick" for Iowa! It makes me so very happy that they love to go to my very rural home town {not that I would ever live in that area again}, but still, it makes my heart happy. This is the merry-go-round in a small city that I used to play in as a child. Literally, I do believe this is the SAME merry-go-round!


Something Just for Me These items are supposed to be mine, all mine, only for me. Not for the little fingers in my house to get into to. Guess whose lovely red lipstick is smashed already?

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Best Part of My Day The best part of our vacation is that we were completely unplugged! The house we were renting had no cable of any sorts, so there was no television (sadly, we missed the opening ceremonies of the Olympics though). There was no internet connection and no wifi - unheard of for my kiddos! We were unplugged and it was awesome. We focused on each other and playing and outdoors and games and chatting and well, just reconnecting as a family. It was a great week and we need to unplug more often!

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Night & Day This is my brother and my husband(and my girls) leaving the county fair for the evening. We spent the evening there watching the local tractor pull. My children lead a culturally rich life here in Chicago and observing a tractor pull was not something that held their attention in the very least. I would say that our lives are like night and day from Iowa to Chicago.

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Look Up This little one was building a boat to float on the lake with things entirely from nature. She was searching for the best leaves that would serve as sails for her boat that was made from bark. It totally floated!

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