Get Outside!

Last week was the last week of summer vacation . . . I was determined to do something special with my children every single day (besides our normal routine of running from one activity to the other).

{riding lessons, not at our neighboring horse farm}

I took the children to the park almost every single day. We went on bike rides. We walked to the bridge to throw rocks and we all took the dog for a walk which is not an easy task because she is pretty much a nut-so canine.

{note the mouth on trainer & child}

{we live next to a horse farm, lovely grazers}

I took the children to the museum and forgot my camera.

I took the children to the zoo and it was 96 degrees that day. Very bad, no good, stinking hot day to visit the zoo let me tell you. But, the zoo is so big that we never have the opportunity to 'see' everything. That particular day our goal was to see animals we had never seen before on our numerous other visits. It was a fun visit on a very hot day. Why is it so hot every time we visit the zoo. I mean, really?  

I wanted the children to return to school with an exciting week behind them. I knew they would have an exciting week ahead of them . . . this week . . . full of desks and strict rules and fluorescent lighting and renewed friendships and new friendships and structure and alarms clocks and socks with shoes.

Summer break is over and I am sad to see it go . . . I love summer . . . I love my children home with me . . . I love the endless supply of hugs and kisses and giggles I get to give and receive. But my children love school . . . not as much as me, but they enjoy their days away from me . . . and for that I am grateful  (really, I am even more grateful that I still have the little one home with me, at least for one more week)