Finding Our Way on the Path

So I have spoken before about this wonderful forest preserve that is near my home. Literally just a few hops away. Last Saturday I told the kiddos if they cleaned up all their messes that were about the house, I would take them over to the forest preserve for 'a really long time'.

Let's just say I didn't see anything but bottoms scurrying away to put their belongings in the correct places. {Note to self: do this more often} Little did my children know but I really had my own agenda for this particular day. I wanted some fabulous photos with a lovely spring backdrop.

We all had a fabulous afternoon exploring further in the forest than we had ever been. It really was a great afternoon. So much so that we returned home to bring dad back to capture some family photos. I carried my tripod all the way back there again just for more photos.

The children were thrilled! That is until we returned to my SUV. I turned around to say something to my son and I noticed a bug crawling up his leg. I rolled down the window and told him to grab it and toss it out. He literally started freaking out and shrieking "It's a tick" over and over and over. He was sobbing and shouting and it was just horrible. I quickly stopped and dear husband jumped out to come to my son's rescue.

The thought of a tick in our car sent my daughter into full on tears rolling down her cheeks. She was sitting all the way in the back third seat so I couldn't comfort her much. Last summer she had four ticks sucking away on her from our vacation to rural Iowa. Now, she is completely petrified of ticks.

We had to do a full on tick check of everyone, all clothing was shed, heads were checked and rechecked andchecked again. I think I was itching for at least four hours.

Needless to say, I don't think we will be returning to the "wonderful" forest preserve any time soon.

Le Sigh!