Family Games with Hasbro Family Game Crate

Great Family Entertainment now comes in a monthly subscription box with party themed boxes with games from Hasbro in their all new Family Game Crates.

Family Games with Hasbro Family Game Crate #HasbroGamingCrate

Keeping my children entertained all summer was sort of a no-brainer for me this year. As a home educator, I was able to squeeze in a bit of school work over the summer to keep math and reading skills sharp. I have a teen boy in high school, a teen girl in junior high and a tween girl that will begin middle school this school year. With three kiddos at varying ages and skill levels, sometimes it can be difficult to have an activity that each will equally enjoy.

In addition to all my children equally enjoying the activity, I need an activity that will entertain all three of my children -- at the same time - like together - and that is sometimes not an easy task for this momma to pull off. Also, if you are sending a child off to college this year or have a returning child in college, a Gaming Crate would be a perfect gift (AND SURPRISE) for any student away from home!

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We couldn't just hop in the car and head to the pool for the afternoon because the weather was not a great friend to us this past summer. There are only so many hours in the week we can spend indoors at the library before all the kiddos get bored. I was super excited to be introduced to a Hasbro program that delivers an exclusive collection of brand new games directly to our door!

Family Games with Hasbro Family Game Crate #HasbroGamingCrate

Hasbro launched their first Family Gaming Crate Subscription service this summer. Each themed Hasbro Gaming Crate brings a carefully curated collection of new games right to your door. You simply need to select a Party Game Themed Crate or a Family Game Themed Crate.  Each Hasbro Crate has three brand new games new to the Hasbro Gaming portfolio.

Family Games with Hasbro Family Game Crate #HasbroGamingCrate

The Family Crate – Offers games designed to be played together and enjoyed equally by kids and adults. New family games include:  Mask of the Pharaoh, Leo Goes to the Barber, and Tricky Wishes

Family Games with Hasbro Party Game Crate

The Party Crate – Contains games with content geared toward college students, young adults, and parents who are looking to enjoy “adults-only” game nights. New party games include: Judgmental, Box of Rocks, and Speak Out: Joe Santagato Edition  

Since we all like to play board games, the Hasbro Gaming Crate was perfect for my family. We can't spend too much time outdoors as we have a huge issue with mosquitoes, but we can sit in our gazebo in the evenings and play Hasbro games. We've been having a great time this August, concluding our summer, in our own home with the Hasbro Family Game Crate.

I think it’s important to create these special memories for my kids during their youth because in a few years, they will all be away at college. Once these fleeting years are gone, I want my kiddos to recall all the fun we have together. Then on school breaks, they will want to come home and play board games with us! 

Hasbro Family Game Crate


Family Games with Hasbro Family Game Crate #HasbroGamingCrate

Players can get ready for a wildly good time as they lead Leo through the jungle to make his hair cut appointment! Players work together using their matching skills by remembering the colors and animals depicted on the game tiles along the jungle pathway as they move Leo forward to reach Bobo’s barbershop on time.  Available in the Hasbro Gaming Family Crate. For ages 6+

Family Games with Hasbro Family Game Crate #HasbroGamingCrate
Family Games with Hasbro Family Game Crate #HasbroGamingCrate


Family Games with Hasbro Family Game Crate #HasbroGamingCrate

It's a quick-play memory game where only the best three wishes for a superpower, a gift and world harmony will win. To win this card game, players will need to find three kinds of wishes: one Superpower, one Gift, and one World Harmony. Players can take turns swapping, shuffling, and peeking at card wishes to collect the highest-scoring set. Available in the Hasbro Gaming Family Crate. For ages 8+


Family Games with Hasbro Family Game Crate #HasbroGamingCrate

In this collaborative, virtual-reality board game, gamers wear the included VR mask to find themselves in a mysterious world of pyramids in Ancient Egypt! The player must describe a section of the pyramid maze they view during their turn while other the players then try to reconstruct the maze while using the included game board, game tiles and chips to complete a path to victory! This game requires the Mask of the Pharaoh app which can be downloaded in the App Store or Google Play Store as well as the use of select iPhone, iPod and select Android devices for use in the VR mask. Available in the Hasbro Gaming Family Crate. For ages 10+

Family Games with Hasbro Family Game Crate #HasbroGamingCrate


The Hasbro Family Game Crate delivered some fabulous family games and hours of fun for us. We had adventure and laughter at home whilst playing games in Egypt, an African jungle and an exotic world of genies -- all while we hung out together, laughed and had great family gaming nights.

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Getting started is easy! Simply choose your crate! Select the Hasbro Family Crate or the Hasbro Party Crate to get started. Every 3 months an exclusive collection of 3 games will be delivered. You will be charged $49.99 + shipping (FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR FIRST CRATE: HGCFREESHIP). If you need a break from all the fun, you can skip your delivery or cancel your subscription. Each Game Crate has a specific theme. Start planning your game night now!

We added some treats and snacks to the refreshment table and celebrated with Hasbro, drinks and treats! We’ve actually left these games set up in our gazebo for the remainder of the summer, so whenever the children have some free time, they head outdoors for a little game time! It’s been such a delight to see my children playing board games together and taking a break from electronics!

The Hasbro Family Game Crates are a priceless way for my family interact with each other. Soon, cold weather will be setting in and we can't wait to set up a game night with our friends and extended and family to create lasting memories.

What are your favorite games for game night?