Fairy Princess Birthday Party

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Fairy Princess Birthday Party

Fairy Princess Birthday Party: The Transformation 

I requested all the little girls arrive in fairy attire (much easier to explain versus Elf attire). I provided wings and headbands and wands for all the girls and each girl was transformed into a beautiful Elf with the assistance of grandma. Sparkles and glitter were up and down the girls arms and cheeks!

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The Coloring Station Coloring sheets and wooden fairies were out on a table to color and decorate. Each girl was able to color one of each of the sheets. I also included little wooden fairies/elves for each child to color and take home.

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Schleich Bayala World Toys + Schleich Toys

I created a little Bayala world for the girls to play with all the wonderful toys that Schleich provided for this Schleich Fairy Princess Birthday Party! I hand painted a piece of wood and glued sticks from my back yard as aframe for the Elf Forest sign. All the girls LOVED these toys and were drawn to this station time and time again. I made a point to speak with each mom regarding Schleich toys and how amazing they are! (In our house we have been a LONG time fan of Schleich toys and have two very large bins of numerous animals, dragons, knights, Indians and accessories to prove it!!)

The best location to purchase Schleich is on line. There are a small variety of Schleich toys available at my local Target and Toys R Us. I used to have a fabulous specialty toy store in my area that carried all the knights and dragons and literally any animal that my daughters wanted . . . but they closed last year (boo hoo for me).

I made sure to inform each mother on the amazing quality of Schleich toys if they were not aware. Believe me, Schleich toys are amazing . . . they have survived my dogs jaws and not many toys do once my dog gets a bite of them!

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The Bayala line of Schleich toys is amazing! Beautiful and so full of detail!

The Food

Party Menu

Florindel Flowers (mini quiches)

Stallion Snack Mix (popcorn, raisins, pretzles, M&Ms, mini chocolate chips)

Chocolate Nests (chow mein noodles, chocolate chips & condensed milk)

Fairy Fruit Wands (mixed fruit on bamboo sticks)

Dragon Juice (pink lemonade)

various candy, cookies and cupcakes

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The Games

Free Play with Schleich Bayala Toys

The girls were encouraged to play interactively with all the Schleich Bayala toys. These girls have wonderful imaginations and needed zero prompting from any of the mothers. There was much trading of Schleich toys during this time.

The Unicorn and The Lost Horn

The unicorn of Bayala had lost its precious horn. Each fairy/elf set out to find the sparkling horn! The winners each received a Schleich toy to take home.

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Supplies Needed: cone shaped party hat, glue & glitter (baking soda{horn dust} if you want to leave a trail.

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Dragon's Eye Ball Dash

The players had to carefully transfer the dragon's eyes from elf to elf (fairy to fairy) and not drop the eyeball or the dragon would swoop in to steal it.

Supplies Needed: spoons and ping pong balls (made to look like eye balls) {I was fortunate enough to raid my sons room for eye balls(balls that actaully looked like eye ball)}

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The Schleich Fairy Princess Birthday Party was a huge success! We all had so much fun!  We are already HUGE fans of Schleich and have been gifting my girls horses and bunnies for years already! All the mommies and girls(there were a couple of boys, again no photos)had a great afternoon at the party. I even heard a number of grumbles when it was time to leave. That means success!

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