Essential Travel Tips From #PGeveryday

My girls attended a sleep away camp this summer for the very first time. I was headed in an unfamiliar direction as I had never sent my girls away from home for an entire week. I needed assistance that went beyond the what to bring list that the camp passed along to me. P&Geveryday™ “is about listening to what you truly need and sharing resourceful ideas, advice and products to make it easy for you to enjoy life ... every day” They offered activities to entertain my girls on the drive to Kentucky, as well as tips for a safe stress free road trip.

I headed to the P&Geveryday™ site to guide me for the week long sleep away camping trip my girls were going on. I am not a camper and had no clue where to begin. I was also going to be away with them at sleep away camp as I had volunteered as a camp leader for the week as well. I would be camping too! This was BIG for me as I love my air conditioned house!

P&Geveryday™ offered some wonderful safety tips to keep in mind before we even left our home and whilst on our road trip to Kentucky. I felt prepared and safe with the extra information that was provided on their site. There are so many benefits of summer camp, but I needed to prepare my girls and myself so we would all have a positive experience. We were packed and ready to head out to Kentucky from Chicago. I had a bag for each of my girls filled with activities to keep them busy during our six hour drive.

Included in each bag was a road trip check list that P&Geveryday™ has available to download on their site which I brought along for my girls. Simply have your children focus on the road by trying to find a yellow car, a green truck or an airplane. The winner is the one who completes the list first! My girls loved this download. I wish I would have printed another one for our return trip because my girls were asking me for the sheet.  I was also fully prepared to play The United States of License Plates and the Alphabet Game as suggested by P&Geveryday™. We had so much fun with the license plate game as we drove through three states and saw so many different ones.

My trip was easier and I felt empowered to head to Kentucky. So much so, I am headed out again next week on another road trip with the children, thanks to all the safety, road trip and activities suggestions from their site.

Have you visited P&Geveryday™ yet to locate some wonderful suggestions to unlock your extraordinary potential?  What everyday suggestions impact your life?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.