Equipped For Summer

When I was young girl growing up in rural Iowa, summers seemed to take forrrrever to arrive and once they did they felt like years. It was amazing! From the crack of dawn to well past dusk I would ride my bike all around the neighborhood and town for that matter(it was completely safe 40 years ago), jump on the trampoline, swim, dig holes, ride my pony, chase chickens, pester my little brothers, climb my grandmother's mulberry tree and eat them right from the tree  . . . while my feet turned purple, and the list goes on and on.

I have a catalog in my brain of all these invaluable memories of the smells, tastes, sights and delicious memories of the summers of my childhood. What I wouldn’t give to have just one more of those days.

My kids and I have been creating our own favorite summer memories over the years. Bike rides, camping, visiting family in Iowa, swimming, splash parks, parks, climbing trees, and loads of grilling. Have you seen my Summer Check List? What is on your summer check list?