Last week I started a homeschooing program with my daughter on a trial basis . . . to see if she would enjoy it . . . like it . . . fit in . . . AND IT WAS AMAZING! She is happier than I have seen her all school year. She is excited about school and I love that! My daughter seems to struggle with a normal school setting and we knew this. We just always hoped that she would adjust and after 2.5 years of a Christian school, she had reached her absolute limit.

She has begged us (well mainly me) for the entire past five months to please let her homeschool. I wasn't sure I would be able to 'homeschool' her. My confidence level in myself was not the greatest (since I am such a marshmallow. My husband and I decided to have a trial basis for January . . . our daughter will attend the Christian school for 1st grade Monday through Friday and Thursday and Friday she will attend two separate co-ops that we have become a part of. (I have to add that my husband is not a fan of homeschooling at all and does not have any confidence in my abilities to pull this off - thus - the compromise of the break down of days for January).

My daughter is very upset that she still has to attend 1st grade at her "old" school and doesn't quite understand the why. I keep telling her it is only for a couple more weeks and then momma will be her full time teacher. I am very excited for this new path that I will be taking with my daughter.

I'm still trying to work out the "TIME" issue because right now I am driving all over God's creation!!! I now have less time than ever to get anything done. I was barely holding it together before!

Our exchange student is leaving this Saturday and my schedule with ease up quite a bit once she returns home to Germany (I will write an entire post about this experience soon).

I found a particularly funny "Doorway" photo to post this morning:

Perhaps this is where I should put my children so I may enjoy a cup of tea every once in awhile